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 Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 3

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Adham Elghannam

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Join date : 2013-05-22

PostSubject: Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 3   Wed May 29, 2013 8:32 pm

i went to sleep after I came home from the carnival
i soon as i fell asleep i found myself is the same fire in the same building
i looked out of the window and saw that the whole city was on fire
all the building are crispy black and on fire
i looked closely at a window of them and held a scream
there was a crispy black burned man screaming at me asking for help
i didn't know what to do
i looked again and he wasn't there
then in another building there were people like his at all the windows screaming for me
asking for help
and another building and another and another
i couldn't take their voice so i put my hand on my ears but i could still hear their screams
i started screaming but their voice got louder and louder
then i heard i familiar ugly voice
the goblin talked to me saying : you can't take their screams hahahaha you better get used to them because when i'm done with you you'll be one of them
i got stunned
i lowered my hands and said : a... are those the forgotten souls
my voice came out scared and trembling
the goblin said : clever boy
yes they are forgotten souls after all you're in their land
i said : a.... a.... and who are them
the goblin : victims of other like me
i said : a... and i'm gonna become one of them
the goblin : yes forgotten soul tortured for ever hahahahahahahaha
i woke up shaking I was so afraid but I said to my self that this is only a dream
i knew that i was lying to myself but i wan't to calm myself anyway i could
i went to the bathroom to get some water
i looked at the mirror and saw the creature instead of me
he was looking at me with his red scary eyes
i ran out of the bathroom and went to my room
i tried to sleep but I could not
finally I fell a sleep at 6 am
i woke up at 7
i felt different
like a whole new person
i ignored that feeling
i went to school
and i did not expect what would happen to me next
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Zeyad Nasser

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PostSubject: Re: Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 3   Wed May 29, 2013 8:33 pm

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Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 3
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