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 Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 4

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Adham Elghannam

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PostSubject: Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 4   Fri May 31, 2013 9:54 pm

At School I Was Afraid
Because I Knew That The Dream Is Over
Not It's Time For The nightmare
I Went Into Class
I Put A Nail On The Teachers Chair
Then I Went to My Seat
The Teacher Came In And wrote SEPTEMPER 11 on the blackboard and said : that's the date of today anyone one know what happened in this same day
before anyone could answer the teacher went to his chair and sat on it
he went back up screaming
i laughed so much
he yelled
i stooped laughing
i stood up
i heard some kids saying
( what a goofball )
( why did he do it )
i said to my self : yeah they are right but the question is not why it's how
i hate to admit it but i have been always a goody two shoes
i have never done something like this
then i heard the voice of the creature saying : you didn't do anything
i did it just like i'm going to do this
just sit back and enjoy
i grabbed my pen and charged at the teacher and stabbed him twice with the sharp pen
i was going to stab him over and over again i felt that the goblin wanted to kill him but i took control of my body for one second
that was enough to drop the pen and leave the classroom running
i was crying
i felt my legs heavy they couldn't take my weight and i fell down on my knees and i heard the goblin yelling : you stupid kid you still don't get it i want your body i want to live in your body
i said crying : you can live with me in my body you don't need to kill me and send my soul to land of forgotten souls
he said : cut the crap will you
your young body can't take two souls and two minds at once it will crash
i said : then go find an adult body that can take two minds
he said : you don't tell me what to do i'm not going to go find another body and even if i found one the owner will not be fool or generous like you and even if go and found a body with a proper owner the body will survive for short time and it's will crash and the two minds will die and i want to live long
so for now w you're stuck with me kid but don't be afraid it won't take long it's will only take 10 days
i said : what do you mean
the goblin said : i started transporting my soul and mind from land of forgotten souls to your body
i said : but you're here now what are you transporting
the goblin : my soul and mind i'm making a connection with you right now because of the dreams and it's taking lots of my energy but every minute it become easier
a little bit of my memory go in your mind
and i little bit of your go out until there is nothing in you head except my mind and same will happen to your soul
and with every minute of the transporting i'll gain control of your body
i said : you mean like what happened in the class
the goblin : it took lots of my energy to do it and i almost died but soon it'll become very easy
and after 10 days the transporting will be complete and i'll live again in your body and you'll be trapped forever forever and tortured in land of forgotten souls
so enjoy your last 10 days
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Land Of Forgotten Souls Chapter 4
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